Last Saturday, BSAIL participated in the ASABE Rally here at UF. For this event, a bunch of undergraduates (and a few grad students) majoring in Agricultural and Biological engineering at universities across the southeast descended on the UF campus for the weekend. Part of the agenda was tours of the labs in Frazier Rogers Hall.

Daniel giving a demonstration

Here I am gesturing enthusiastically about something.

It was sort of like being the animatronics on a ride at Disneyland: a group would shuffle in, we’d give our little spiel, and 8 minutes later, they’d shuffle out, the next group would come in, and we’d start all over again. We learned lots of important things at this event, such as the fact that our current lab space is way too small to host big groups of people plus robots, and that the shelving next to the door, which is exactly the right height to hit your head on, will probably get us sued eventually.

Chenjiao demonstrating his MOT work.

Chenjiao demonstrating his MOT work.

Overall, I think that we were mostly successful. People seemed to like the demos, especially the part where Rui drove Watson Mini around.

Rui demonstrating Watson Mini

Hopefully, a few of these visitors will be interested in joining us!

Group panorama of the entire lab



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