Technologies for a Sustainable Future

With the growing global population and accelerating effects of climate change, figuring out how to provide safe and high-quality food in a sustainable way is one of the most important challenges of our time. At BSAIL, we are developing state-of-the-art robots and algorithms to help feed the world.

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Diagram showing Center Track architecture.
Congratulations to Chenjiao for publishing a new paper! Anchor-free deep convolutional neural network for tracking and counting cotton seedlings and […]
group photo at the ai in ag 2023 conference
As part of its high-minded plan to become an “AI University”, UF is hosting a new “AI in Agriculture” conference. […]
Example segmentations of cotton plants
Congratulations to Farah on publishing a new paper! Cotton plant part 3D segmentation and architectural trait extraction using point voxel […]