Diagram showing Center Track architecture.
Congratulations to Chenjiao for publishing a new paper! Anchor-free deep convolutional neural network for tracking and […]
group photo at the ai in ag 2023 conference
As part of its high-minded plan to become an “AI University”, UF is hosting a new […]
Example segmentations of cotton plants
Congratulations to Farah on publishing a new paper! Cotton plant part 3D segmentation and architectural trait […]
Group panorama of the entire lab
Last Saturday, BSAIL participated in the ASABE Rally here at UF. For this event, a bunch […]
Stewart Collis, the Senior Program Officer for Digital Agriculture Solutions at the Bill and Melinda Gates […]
Watson robot
The UGA College of Engineering had a nice little blurb about us in their news section. […]
rui demonstrating the Watson controls
This past week, Dr. Tianming Liu hosted a STEM summer camp for kids. As I understand […]
main figure
Congratulations to Rui on publishing a new paper! A Review of High-Throughput Field Phenotyping Systems: Focusing […]
Due to COVID, this was our first lab retreat in awhile, so for many of our […]
javier standing with poster
The Phenomics and Plant Robotics Research Center is an interdisciplinary collaboration between plant scientists, geneticists, and […]