This wiki makes use of multiple WordPress plugins to achieve the goal of easy integration with existing manuals as well as implementing new manuals easily.

  • Yada Wiki:
    • Provides the main Wiki functionality for the website
  • WP Githuber MD:
    • Gives the ability to edit pages in Markdown rather than HTML or RichTextBox
  • Markdown Github:
    • Provides functionality for displaying a Github file natively from within the lab website
  • Embed Any Document:
    • Allows for any document type to be displayed from within the website rather than having to download the document to view


Follow these steps to add a new page to the wiki:

  1. In WordPress, click "Add New" under "Wiki Pages"
  2. Name your wiki page and click "Save Draft"
    • Make note of the generated permanent link
  3. Edit the wiki home page by clicking "All Wiki Pages" and then "Home" to include your new page
    • Where the others have "../[wiki-name], do the same with the section after "/wiki" of the permanent link
  4. Go back to your new wiki page and add in the necessary wiki details
    • To add a Github readme, add the following to the wiki editor page (ignore curly brackets, they only serve to show what you need to change):
      [md_github token={your github token} url={link to readme file from github}]
    • To add a document, click "Add Document" at the top of the editor page and follow instructions to insert. It will create a bracketed shortcut similar to the Github one above
    • To add a custom new page, simply write the appropriate Markdown for what you want to show
    • For the drop down menus used in the other wiki pages, do the following in the Markdown (ignore curly brackets, they only serve to show what you need to change):
      <summary>{Summary Here}</summary>
      {Contents Here}
  5. Click "Publish" once complete
  6. Ensure that the page is reachable from the home page when you click on it



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