The Phenomics and Plant Robotics Research Center is an interdisciplinary collaboration between plant scientists, geneticists, and roboticists, coming together to develop the next generation of agricultural robots. Every year, we hold a symposium where our members present their ongoing research. This year’s symposium took place in September, and was held in a hybrid format.

Dr. Li presenting at the symposium.
Dr. Li delivering his opening remarks.

The symposium also includes a poster contest for graduate students. Unfortunately, I managed to get the truck stuck in the field that day, and I consequently could not attend this in-person, but apparently the competition was pretty fierce. Javier came away with second place for his poster on 4D Imaging with LiDAR!

javier standing next to his poster.
Javier standing next to his prize-winning poster.

I’ve included all our pictures of the event below.



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