Due to COVID, this was our first lab retreat in awhile, so for many of our lab members, it was a brand new experience. In the past, we’ve typically gone to a park and had a barbecue. This year, we had our retreat at Hard Labor Creek State Park, which is only a short drive from Athens.

Rui demonstrated his unexpected knowledge of southern cuisine by making a low-country boil, a process that required special equipment.

low-country boil
Low-country boil

Zhengkun also took the opportunity to develop his burger-flipping skills, for which we commend him. Certainly, knowing one’s way around a spatula opens up many lucrative career options.

Zhengkun flipping a burger
Zhengkun managing the grill

We’d like to thank everyone who worked hard to make this event a success. Getting to know our coworkers in a more informal context is always illuminating.

group photo
Group photo

You can see all the pictures from this event below.


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